Spinal Stack I-1.2.1

OpenStack version and supported distros

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7: OSP5 (Icehouse)
  • Debian Wheezy: Icehouse 2014.1.2

No new feature

Bugs fixed since I.1.2.0

  • eDeploy bug with detection and debug message
  • Puppetfile: fix NFS git commit ID
  • Heat: switch deferred_auth_method to ‘password’
  • Keystone: don’t specify API version in {public,admin}_endpoints
  • Keystone: update puppet-keystone git ref to fix a bug upstream when compiling the catalog.

eDeploy roles have also been updated.

Components in this release

  • edeploy-roles-I.1.2.1.tar.gz source code of the eDeploy roles built in this release
  • install-server-D7-I.1.2.1.edeploy binary eDeploy role for the installation server (puppet master,logging server, monitoring server, edeploy server, dnsmasq, serverspec)
  • openstack-full-{D7;RH7.0}-I.1.2.1.edeploy binaries eDeploy roles for OpenStack and Ceph nodes
  • puppet-openstack-cloud-I.1.2.1.tgz puppet modules used to configure the OpenStack and Ceph nodes
  • serverspec-I.1.2.1.tgz serverspec tests to validate deployments

All the sources have been tagged with the tag I.1.2.1 in their respective repositories. Documentation can be found on http://spinalstack.enovance.com/en/latest/, fixes are welcome at https://github.com/enovance/spinalstack-doc