Spinal Stack is the solution to install OpenStack in production at eNovance.

Project features

  1. Bare-metal provisioner: hardware discovery, validation and configuration
  2. Configure OpenStack services to be highly available and scalable
  3. Flexible environments to adapt to various needs
  4. Post-deployment checks and runset of tests to validate the deployed OpenStack
  5. Orchestration of upgrades without downtime
  6. View logs in real-time through the UI
  7. Support for Red Hat
  8. Based 1OO% on upstream

OpenStack features

Spinal Stack is released with all OpenStack core projects.

service component backends/drivers notes
load-balancer HAproxy
SSL termination support
clustering Pacemaker Corosync
cache Memcached
used by Horizon & service group API
dashboard Horizon
SSL support
database MySQL Galera MariaDB packages
compute Nova local + RBD + NFS RBD only on Debian
identity Keystone MySQL
image Glance local + RBD + NFS
network Neutron OVS/GRE + Cisco N1KV
orchestration Heat
telemetry Ceilometer MongoDB
block storage Cinder RBD + NetAPP + iSCSI
object storage Swift
logging fluentd
with kibana3 & elasticsearch
monitoring sensu
with uchiwa dashboard
database as a service Trove
experimental now
message queuing RabbitMQ
HA queues (cluster mode)